by Joe Danko

As the new volunteer editor of the SPACE newsletter I will do the best I can to get this rag out every month but I would like to have some contributions from the membership or I will publish what I prefer which may or may not be what you all like. If you canít contribute anything then let me know what you would like to find out about and I will find something. I would especially like to see something humorous from time to time. But please, no politics. I am relinquishing the Disk Of the Month building to Terry Streeter in November. I have enjoyed that job since 1987 and I would like to thank Glen Kirschenmann who has done a wonderful job selling DOMís, buying supplies and attempting to keep me organized.

Minutes of Space meeting

October 8, 1993

MIke Weist - Recording Secretary

Space meeting started at 7:35 pm. All officers present. Nathan Block, President of the club, welcomed everybody present at the meeting. He then introduced the officers of the club.

Nathanís first order of business was to talk about plans for the Spaceís Christmas party in December. Plans are ham and beverage, being provided by club. The rest will be potluck, with a potluck sign-up list being circulated at November meeting. And an announcement in the November newsletter. This sign-up list will be made up by Vice-president Sherm Erickson. Nathan Block is hoping Ray Wafer will bring sole of his homemade potatoe salad. Terry Streeter, suggested having a big turkey instead of ham. After a long discussion, it was decided to stick with a ham, because of preparation concerns. The beverage will be provided by the place the President works.

The next order of business was to talk about the clubís newsletter. Larry Serflaten the current editor of the newsletter would like to step down because of equipment problems. He doesnít have a printer with graphics capacity. Joe Danko has agreed to take over as newsletter editor.

Joeís duties as DOM Maker will be taken over by Terry Streeter. Glen Kirschenmann will continue to make the disk copies. Bill Cotter, a club member, mentioned the club buying the software for the new editor. So the newsletter can be produced. The software will be purchased. Terry Streeter mentioned the Space Club having a raffle, so a printer can be purchased for club use.

Larry Serflaten talked about his game program for sale for $7.00. He also touched on the subject of producing leaflets to advertise the Space Atari Club, These leaflets would be left at computer locations that have Atari hardware and software. This would let Atari computer users find out about the club.

The club discussed the financial situation with the Atari ST Group. Terry Streeter asked if he could donate a color TV for the Space Christmas Party Raffle. Nathan welcomed the offer.

The Ham lest at the Civic Center on October 30, 1993 was discussed. Sherm Erickson said that Mike Schmidt had made arrangements for the booth at the Ham Fest. Sherm Erickson, Tom Stellmach, Larry Serflaten, Mike Weist, and Mike Schmidt will mann the booth.

Nominations for Officers in November was discussed. Nathan asked if anybody was interested in running for an office. Sherm Erickson made the motion to accept the slate of officers and the club position changes mentioned earlier. It was 2nd, approved.

Mike Fitzpatrick, club sysop, talked about glitches with B0b-Term Modem Program when being used with high speed modems, such as a 9600 baud modem, Has been in contact with Bob Puff. He had a fun time talking to our club when he came to the Twin Cities. And wouldnít mind a return visit in future. Greg Leinter gave his treasury report. He mentioned that our club will incur big bills after the October meeting. Will bring club treasury balance down to around $300.

Nathan Block, club president, talked about his busy college schedule and the need to be absent from some of the future club meetings. In this case, he said, the club vice president would take over his duties. Nathan Block thanked everybody for coming and the meeting adjourned at 8:35 pm.

HamFest Ď93

by Mike Weist

HamFest Ď93 was held at the Civic Center in St. Paul, Minn,on October 38, 1993. There were product booths, club booths, and a big flea market area. This year at the Space Booth, Mike Schmidt, Larry Serflaten, Sherm Erickson, Tom Stelmach, and I dutifully operated the booth. I showed up to help operate the Space booth at about 11 am. To my surprise, the show was so big, I couldnít locate the Space booth immediatelY. While looking for our booth I ran into fellow Space club member, Larry Serflaten. Larry directed me to the booth. Thanks goes out to Larry, if it wasnít for him I would of been looking all day for the Space booth. When we approached our booth, I saw monitors with Atari programs running, club information forms, and people looking at our booth. Our booth was visited by fellow Space members and lots of Hamfesters. While at the show and operating the booth it is a fun time to sit and talk with the other people about Atari this and that. If you havenít volunteered to work at the Space booth, you donít know what you are missing. Hamfest is over, but Midwinter Madness, at National Sports Center-Blaine, is just around the corner. And then in the summer there is the Amateur Show at Aldrich Arena-in Maplewood. There were a few bargains to be had. I saw a person walking around with a Atari 1050 Disk Drive. I talked to him and he told me he paid $5 for it and it worked. What a bargain! I roamed around the flea market and found a few bargains like computer paper, floppy disks, computer program manuels for close to nothing etc. I think alots of bargains were found by the other people that operated the booth. Last of all, thanks is in order for the people that operated the booth and a special thanks is in order to Mike Schmidt and Sherm Erickson for taking care of the Hamfest booth and display equipment arrangements. THANKS!!!!!!See you all at the next Space meeting in November.

Treasurerís Report

by Greg Leitner

The October SPACE meeting gave the members who were present a nice change of pace. Having our meeting in the round made it much more informal and relaxing. There seemed to be a greater involvment by the members with this format and I hope we can do this again at future meetings. The more members we can get involved with the discussions of Club business and other topics that come up the stronger our club will be. That is a positive sign that shows our Club is here to stay for many years to come.

As for the Treasury business for October, I have good and not so good news. You noticed I didnít say bad news. First the good news is that we had a tremendous month of receipts, We had five membership renewals and strong sales of Disks of the Month, blank disks, etc. Our monthly take totaled $196. Good job and a special thanks to Glen who had to keep up with a very busy night of sales.

The not so good news is that the Club bad some major expense commitments it had to pay in October. They included:

We ended up with a balance in our account of $516.29 which represents a reuction in our account of $172.33.

Thanks to all the membersí support who attended the October meeting and letís try to repeat that support again for the November meeting. See you then.

SPACE Treasury Balance $516.29

October, 1993 Accounts

Sales                Expenses
Software       45.00 Newsletter      23.20
Disks          66.00 BBS Sep/Oct     46.98
Memberships    75.00 Room Rent
Disk Boxes      4.00  3-Months       90.00
Disk Notchers   6.00 Disk Supplies  208.15
	      196.00                368.33

Net Deposit    -172.33

Atari 8-Bit on Internet:

Atari 2600 emlation on a PC???
Subject: Emulator--
attempt in one of the video games groups to organize an effort to produce an Atari 2600 emulator for the PC (to run carts that were somehow downloaded to disk). Besides the obvious copyright issues involved in doing this, they quickly found out, as they dug deeper into the problems, that even the limited hardware of the 2600 would be very challenging to completely emulate in software on the PC. The 8-bit would probably be even more difficult to emulate. Actually, I think the 8 bit would be easier. Iíve seen the emulator code for the ST, and while itís not real-time, it is a pretty complete emulation. A fast IBM clone could do an even better job than an 8 MHz ST. Almost anything can be emulated if you have enough power. On the 2600 though, itís a bit harder. ThereĎs so many aspects of 2600 programming that rely not on what you do, but *when* you do it. It has tobe +/- 0 cycles in many cases. Getting that kind of accuracy, or finding some substitute, would be a real challenge.

John Harris - jharris@c

Star Raiders operation info for those who have a cartridge with no instructions. Enjoy the first (some say the best) 8 K game ever designed.

Date: 18 Sep 93 19:11:01 GMT
From: well!moon!cyberden!phbill@uunet.uu.net
Subject: Newbie questions:Star Raiders, Assembly
To: Info-Atari8@naucse.cse.nau.edu

zeh1@ellis.uchicago.edu (samuel  zehr) writes:

  Hi all. I just bought a 600XL that came with Star Raiders. I'm not really
sure what to do, as it didn't come with instructions. Any pointers?

Well... here's the commands:

Title screen:
        Start - start game
       Select - select difficulty (novice, etc. .. 4 levels.  Novice
                being the EASY easiest.)
        Reset - reset... Good for if you're mean and take carts. out
                while the power's on, like I do. (Hey! I don't wanna
                lose my RAM-disk!)

During game:
        Start - Return to title.
       Select - Same as Start.
            F - forward view    
            A - aft view
            L - long range (above) view.  Can't kill the enemies here,
                at least it's not at all EASY! (I never have).
            G - galactic map.  From here, use the stick to position the
                second cursor (the first stays in the square you
                currently are in) to the square you WANT to go to.  You
                will then be sent there when you go into Hyper space.
            H - Hyperspace.  See above.  Also, ALWAYS do it from Front  
                view (select Front or Aft, and if Tracking's on, it will
                automatically "track" the little pointer.)  You MUST
                keep the pointer as close to the center (crosshairs) as
                you can to be sent to the proper place on the map!  In
                Novice mode, you don't have to worry.  I always select
                the fastest speed before a Hyper space jump so that the
                pointer is moving around as little as possible (you have
                to get up to Hyper space speed before you go into hyper
            0 - Full stop.  Slows speed down to true 0.  Also aborts H.
          1-9 - Different speeds.  One being slowest.  9 is NOT the speed
                just before hyper space speed, but is very close.  See
                above :).
            C - Computers on/off.  When computers are on you get cross-
                hairs and a window on the lower right which shows the
                position of an enemy relative to your display.
            M - Change the currently-tracked enemy.  This lets you chose
                an enemy to be "tracked" by sensors.  Info. is given at
                the bottom for it's "azimuth" and "altitude" and distance
                ("R"), and it is the enemy being shown in the window.
            T - Computer-tracking on/off.  This automatically changes
                your view to the currently-tracked enemy. (Note: Computer
                usually picks the closest enemy.  Or maybe it's just
                Tracking-computer?  Experiment.  Try hitting [M] and see
                if the T-C disagrees with you! :) )  Your view will
                flip from Front to Aft depending on the position of the
                enemy.  It gets annoying sometimes.  In Aft view you
                don't have the little window, and also the controls are
                backwards (of course!)
            P - Pause the game.
          |/| - Inverse button (or Atari Fuji logo on the 400/800s).
                Abort game. (It gives score and stuff).

Galactic Map:
        Things listed:
             =>         <- a ship-shape.  1 or 2 enemies in sector
             =-         <- three dashes.  3 enemies in sector
             ==         <- four dashes.  4 enemies in sector
              *         <- "Star" or "Asterisk".  Star base in sector.
        Damage control:
                At the bottom, it says: "DC:PESCLR".  DC means damage  

                P means photons
                E engines
                S shields
                C computer
                L long range
                R radio (updates map)

                Blue means ok.  Yellow means damaged.  Red = destroyed.

Ever ".00" and ".50" on the "Star Date:" clock, the enemies move.

If a starbase is surrounded, you are informed and have very little time
to go save it by destroying some of the enemies around it.  If you take
too long, you die.

To get to a starbase, simply go to the G-map, point to a starbase, go to
F-forward view (it might jump to Aft if you're in Tracking mode.. It's
ok), and H-hyper-space.  It will be tracked, just "home-in on it".  It's
a blinking yellow thing.  Don't shoot.  You CAN kill it! :)  Get as close
as possible (front view) and it will say "ORBIT ESTABLISHED"/"DOCKING".  
A little blinking silver guy will fly up to you (dont move) and fix you /
replenish your energy.

On the game screen, the following data is displayed:

E:9999  energy.  9999 is maximum. 0000 is death!
V:00    velocity.  "43" is [9]-speed, the fastest.
K:00    kills!
T:01    tracking.  The "T" will be a "C" if the [T]-tracking comp. is on.
o:+00   Vertical position.
0:+00   Horizontal position.
R:+100  Distance. (App 150 if "o" and "0" are "00" is about as far as
        it can be to be barely visible.)

Little window:  The Computer's window looks like this:

|   |   |
| +---+ |
|-|   |-|
| +---+ |
|   |   |

The box in the middle is where the enemy will be if it's "on the screen".

If it looks like this:

|   |   |
+-+---+-|    <-dashes appear
|-|   |-|
| +---+ |
|   |   |

Then you're horizontally "locked."

If more dashes appear on the OPPOSITE side (below), then you're
VERTICALLY "locked."

And finally, if it looks like this (aka you're RANGE (distance) "locked"
as WELL):

|   |   |
|-|   |-|
|  |||  |    <- last set of dashes

then shooting at the enemy will fire TWO SHOTS AT ONCE, BOTH LOCKED ONTO
(and will try their best to hit) THE TARGET! :)

Michael Current, Cleveland Free-Net 8-bit Atari SIGOp
From: MCURRENT@carleton.edu (Michael Current)
Organization: UTexas Mail-to-News Gateway
Date: 15 Oct 1993 10:32:20 -0500
Subject: 8-bit Atari Vendors and Developers
Lines: 611
Atari Archive: 8bit/faq2.txt

        All Known World-Wide 8-Bit Atari Vendors and Developers

               A Companion to the 8-bit Atari FAQ List

                          Updated 25-Sep-93

This file is posted to the comp.sys.atari.8bit/Info-Atari8 Digest discussion
group on the 15th of the month.  There is also usually a fairly recent copy
available on the Atari Archive as the file 8bit/faq2.txt.

The main portion of the FAQ List is posted to this discussion group on the 1st
of the month.

Please send updates to Michael Current:
          Internet: mcurr...@carleton.edu
              UUCP: ...!umn-cs!ccnfld!mcurrent
Cleveland Free-Net: aa700

This list won't be complete and accurate without YOUR help.

AEL 8-Bit PD Library
C/O Bill Marcum
P.O. Box 34183
Louisville, KY
U.S.A. 40232
  Vendor: PD/shareware

Aerion Software
P.O. Box 1222, Riverdale Station
New York, NY
U.S.A. 10471-1222
tel: (212) 548-0514
  Developer: Fury: The Wrath of Taljun Cathu

Bluecherstr. 17
W-6200 Wiesbaden
tel: +49 611/405611
  Developer: Portronic (joystick port switch/extension) Stereo upgrade,
Herbert I, Herbert II, other games

American Techna-Vision
Mail Order:
15338 Inverness St.
San Leandro, CA
U.S.A. 94579-2016
tel: 1-800-551-9995
Sales Office:
1903 Fairway Drive
San Leandro, CA
U.S.A. 94577
tel: (510) 352-3787
  Vendor: new hardware, commercial software

Amethyst Software
211 South Kansas
Danville, IL
U.S.A. 61832
  Vendor: commercial/PD/shareware

ANG (A New Generation Software)
Ridderkerksestraat 60
3114 RK Schiedam
  Vendor: Polish Software, Mega-Magazine, other software/hardware
  Developer: Stereo Kit (XL/XE compatible, incl 1 extra pokey chip)
           T-Shirts with Atari 8-bit game motives on it

ASF s.c
ul. Rzeczpospolitej 8
80-369 Gdansk
  Vendor: ???software
  Developer: ???software

c/o Decker G. McAllister, Jr.
145 Surf Place
Seal Beach, CA
U.S.A. 90740-5909
tel: (310) 430-5433
tel: (310) 596-6123
  Developer: model railroading related

B&C ComputerVisions
2730 Scott Boulevard
Santa Clara, CA
U.S.A. 95050
tel: (408) 986-9960
  Vendor: new/used hardware, commercial/PD/shareware

B&G Electronics
15729 Madison Ave.
Lakewood, OH
U.S.A. 44107
tel: (216) 521-2855
BBS: (216)-228-7335
  Vendor: used hardware, commercial/PD/shareware

P.O. Box 1043
Peterborough, Ontario
Canada K9J 7A5
  Vendor: PD/shareware

Bensley Consulting
115 E. State St.
P.O. Box 301
Westfield, IL
U.S.A. 62474-0301
tel: (217) 967-5465
  Developer: various software

Best Electronics
2021 The Alameda, Suite 290
San Jose, CA
U.S.A. 95126
tel: (408) 243-6950
  Vendor: new hardware, commercial software
  Developer: TT Touch, Best Joystick, Best Light Gun

Black Moon Systems
P.O. Box 152
Wind Gap, PA
U.S.A. 18091
  Developer: Small Business System, Label Master, Multi-Column Lister

Bolt's Electronic Repair Service
15737 Lemarsh Street
Sepulveda, CA
U.S.A. 91343
tel: (818) 893-9664

BRE Software
352 W. Bedford, Suite 104
Fresno, CA
U.S.A. 93711
tel: 1-800-347-6760
tel: (209) 432-3072
  Vendor: PD/shareware

Bresnik Software
555 Ware Street
Mansfield, MA
U.S.A. 02048-2925
tel: (508) 339-6090
  Developer: Illusions/Audiovisualizer, Ecologian, Word-Search Maker, Animals,
Mathematics, Fractals

C&T ComputerActive
P.O. Box 893
Clinton, OK
U.S.A. 73601
  ???what???: ???what???

Change In Heat
12 Bella Vista Place
Iowa City, Iowa 52245
U.S.A. 52245
  Developer: Pondering About Max's, 1 other game ???what???

P.O. Box 5160
San Luis Obispo, CA
U.S.A. 93403-5160
  Vendor: commercial software

Computer Software Services
P.O. Box 17660
Rochester, NY
U.S.A. 14617
tel: (716) 429-5639
FAX: (716) 247-7158
BBS: (716) 247-7157
  Developer: Black Box, Black Box Enhancer, Hard Drive Pro Backup,
SIO Power Booster, Super-E Burner, Quintopus, Power Plus, Multiplexer,
XF551 Enhancer, XF Single Drive Upgrade, XF Dual Drive Upgrade,
Super Archiver, Super Archiver II, Bit-Writer, Ultra Speed Plus OS,
Floppy Board, XF551 Update, Bit-Writer

Dataque Software
P.O. Box 134
Ontario, OH
U.S.A. 44862
tel: (419) 529-2478 / (419) 529-9797  <-- which is right?
  Developer: TransKey, Turbo-816x, Programmer's Pal, Turbo-Calc, Turbo-View
Graphical Operating Environment, Alf Assembler, blank cartridges

62 Thomson Ave.
Balby, Doncaster
England DN4 0NU
  Vendor: used hardware, commercial/PD/shareware
  Developer: Digi-Studio
Net: d...@aber.ac.uk

Discount Video & Computers
1717 South U.S. 1
Fort Pierce, FL
U.S.A. 34950
  Vendor: ???what???

Dorsett Educational Systems
408 Mission Drive
Camarillo, CA
U.S.A. 93010
tel: 1-800-654-3871
FAX: (805) 484-3327
  Developer: Educational Master Cartridge, approx. 1000 educational programs

DynaComp Software
178 Phillips Road
Webster, NY
U.S.A. 14580
tel: 1-800-828-6772
tel: (716) 265-4040
  Developer: various software

East Hartford Computer
202 Robert Street
East Hartford, CT
U.S.A. 06108
  Vendor: commercial software

Jeff Edwards
138 South Main St.
Travelers Rest, SC
U.S.A. 29690
  Developer: Digital Music System, PrintShop/Awardware graphics

The Electronic Clinic
4916 Del-Ray Ave.
Bethesda, MD
U.S.A. 20814
tel: (301) 656-7983
  Vendor: used hardware, commercial software

Entertainment Excellence
1805 Princeton Place
Merrick, NY
U.S.A. 11566
  Vendor: commercial software

Evangelo's Atari Software
Angelo V.
27 Stiles Street
Elizabeth, NJ
U.S.A. 07208
tel: (908) 558-9518
  Vendor: comercial software

c/o Robert Stuart
21 Stronsay Way
Broomlands, Irvine, Strathclyde
Scotland KA11 1HZ
tel: 0294-212352
  Vendor: commercial/PD/shareware

Roy Goldman
2440 South Jasmine
Denver, CO
U.S.A. 80222
  Shareware developer: Daisy-Dot III

Gralin International
11 Shillito Road
Parkstone, Poole, Dorset
England BH12 2BN
  Vendor: new hardware, commercial software
  Developer: MIDIMaster II, DigiDrum II, Replay Sound Sampling System,
Datari Serial Interface & Multi-Viewterm

Frank Hilke
1805 Princeton Ave.
Merrick, N.Y.  11566
  ?????: ?????

c/o Tobias Hang
Berliner Str. 31
D-55435 Gau-Algesheim
tel: (0)6725/2488
  Developer: joystick port monitor, 8 channel relais interface,
Interface Control Application Software (INCA), 8 channel Logic Analyser

IB Computers
9244 S.W. Beaverton-Hills Hwy
Valley Plaza Shopping Center
Beaverton, OR
U.S.A. 97005
tel: (503) 297-8425
   ???what???: ???what???

P.O. Box 22122 AMF
Salt Lake City, UT
U.S.A. 84122
tel: (801) 967-7400
  Developer: BBS Express! Professional, KPI Hard Drive Interface,
Hardback & Restore H/D Util., D-K Utilities

Kake Software
9 Smith Ct.
Vincentown, NJ
U.S.A. 08088
  Vendor: PD/shareware

Nick Kennedy
300 South Vancouver
Russellville, AR
U.S.A. 72801
tel: (501) 967-3843
  Shareware developer: SIO2PC

KE-SOFT Kemal Ezcan
Frankenstr. 24
D-63477 Maintal
tel: +49-6181/87539
FAX: +49-6181/83436
  Vendor: new hardware, commercial/PD/shareware
  Developer: Donald, Saper, Tactic, Zador II, Atomit II,
Tecno Ninja, Fisher-Technik interface

L&Y Electronics
13644C Jefferson Davis Hwy
Woodbridge, VA
U.S.A. 22191
tel: (703) 494-3444
FAX: (703) 494-3663
  Vendor: used hardware

Lake Almanor Public Domain (L.A.P.D.)
c/o Stefanee Hoffee
333 Peninsula Drive
Lake Almanor, CA
U.S.A. 96137
  Vendor: PD/shareware

LK Avalon
35-959 Rzeszow 2
  Vendor: ???software
  Developer: ???software

Mars Merchandising
1041 E. St. Charles Rd.
Lombard, IL
U.S.A. 60148-2059
tel: (708) MARS-INC
  Vendor: commercial software

Micro Discount
265 Chester Road
Streetly, West Midlands
England B74 3EA
tel: 021-353-5730
FAX: 021-352-1669
  Vendor: new/used hardware, commercial software
  Developer: Print-LAB, Tricky Print, Turbo Charger

Miles Better Software
219/221 Cannock Road
Chadsmoor, Cannock, Staffordshire
England WS11 2DD
tel: 0543-466577/8/9
  Vendor: commercial software

More Than Games
c/o Rick Detlefsen
8207 Briarwood Lane
Austin, TX
U.S.A. 78757-7642
CIS: 74766,1561
Net: rix...@rider.cactus.org
  Vendor: new/used hardware/software
  Developer: various utilities, hardware projects

890 North Huntington St.
Medina, OH
U.S.A. 44256
   ???what???: ???what???

National Educational Report Drawing Services (N.E.R.D.S.) Software
c/o Don Loeffler
18 Wendy Drive
Farmingville, NY
U.S.A. 11738
  Developer: PrintShop graphics  

Newell Industries
P.O. Box 253
Wylie, TX
U.S.A. 75098
tel: (214) 442-6612
BBS: (214) 442-2584
Small Business Management, Small Business Management for the 130

No Frills Software
800 East 23rd Street
Kearney, NE 68847
U.S.A. 68847
  Developer: Converter, Converter Companion, P.S. Users Utility Disk,

Novatari XL/XE PD Library
C/O Geoffrey Dimego
8612 Thames Street
Springfield, VA
U.S.A. 22151
  Vendor: PD/shareware

Page 6 Publishing
P.O. Box 54
England ST16 1DR
tel: 0785-213928
FAX: 0785-54335
  Vendor: commercial/PD/shareware

Palette Imaging
1 Closter Commons STE 789
Closter, NJ
U.S.A. 07624-0400
tel: (201) 767-3913
  Developer: ChromaCAD

Klaus Peters
Moltkestrasse 29
D-W-5620 Velbert 1
tel: (0)2051/84815 or 84410
FAX: (0)2051/85784
  Developer: Megaram (1MB), 25K Bibomon, ROM-Disk XL/XE, Burner XL/XE,
Speedy 1050, Disk Drive F2000, Sprint XL, Sound-Monitor

Phantoms Atari 8-bit
Box 331 Levisa Road
MouthCard, KY
U.S.A. 41548
  ???what???: ???what???

Jeff Potter
814 Banbury Drive
Port Orange, FL
U.S.A. 32119
Net: pot...@sunny0.dab.ge.com
CIS: 74030,2020
  Shareware developer: APAC, Colrview

Power Per Post
Postfach 1640
D-W-7518 Bretten
  Vendor: new hardware, commercial/PD/shareware
  Developer: Quick, Minesweeper, Glaggs It!, Rubber Ball,
Screen Aided Management

Purple Mountain Computers
15600 NE 8th St. Ste. A3-412
Bellevue, WA  
U.S.A. 98008
tel: (206) 399-8700
  Vendor: used commercial software

Sagamore Software
2104 Arapahoe Dr.
Lafayette, IN
U.S.A. 47905
  Vendor: PD/shareware

San Jose Computer
1278 Alma Court
San Jose, CA
U.S.A. 95112
tel: (408) 995-5080
FAX: (408) 995-5083
  Vendor: new/used hardware, commercial software

Software Infinity
642 East Waring Avenue
State College, PA
U.S.A. 16801
tel: (814) 238-7967
  Vendor: commercial/PD/shareware

Paul Sungenis
  Sharware developer: AtariLink BBS, PabMail PCBoard, PabQwk, Mboard 2000

Surplus Computer Software
3301 S. Harbor Blvd.
Santa Ana, CA
U.S.A. 92704
tel: (714) 751-2667
FAX: (714) 751-0914
  Vendor: commercial software

Tampa Computer Orphans
3530 Del Lago Circle #238
Tampa, FL
U.S.A. 33614


Published by the Saint Paul Atari Computer Enthusiasts (SPACE), an independent organization with no business affiliation with ATARI Corporation. Permission is granted to any similar organization with which SPACE exchanges newsletters to reprint material from this newsletter. We do, however, ask that credit be given to the authors and to SPACE. Opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of SPACE, the club officers, club members or ATARI Corporation.

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