President's Corner
by Michael Current
July, 2000

SPACE celebrates our 18th birthday coming up on Friday, July 14! Eighteen years! It seems more incredible, and satisfying, with each passing year. Here's to many years to come!

We had some very valuable preliminary discussion about the new Bylaws I proposed last month. First let me make some amendments to my proposal, based on feedback so far:

Article II, Section 1. The number of members of SPACE shall not be limited.

Article VII, Section 1. A Bulletin Board System (BBS) supporting Atari computers shall be made available by the club....

Article VI, Section 6. Other than the DOM Librarian or his designated proxy, club members shall not sell or give club DOMs to any other person, bulletin board, or computer club, although sharing of individual files is permitted and encouraged.

The purpose of this latter-mentioned section on the re-sale of DOMs was questioned in June, and were not able to come to an agreement. The intention, I believe, is to encourage sales of club DOMs for the purpose of raising funds. But how much control does the Club want to claim to have over the DOMs after members purchase them? I don't have the answer.

An auction, a pizza party, and our 18th anniversary. Hope to see you Friday July 14!

Treasurer's Report
by Greg Leitner
For June, 2000

Well this will be a short report since I was not at the June SPACE meeting. I talked to Glenn the other day and he told me that the P.O. Box bill is coming due again. I also received Mike Schmidt's past due amount for the newsletters from January 2000 and I also received the first five months room rental bill from the Falcon Height's Center. So here is the breakdown for the month ended June 2000. Any receipts for June will be included next month.

Beginning balance for June 1, 2000                 $1,334.20

Newsletter expenses for Jan-thru-May 2000              48.51
Room rental-Jan-thru-May 2000                         325.00

Ending balance for June 30, 2000                     $960.69

Don't forget we have a pizza party planned for the July birthday meeting and we also have another auction (a short one this time).

As you can see by our bank account, we are starting to feel the punch of our monthly expenses which far exceeds our monthly income. Somehow we need to come up with at least $85.00 in receipts per month if we are going to survive. We have a decent balance now but it will only be about a year from now when that balance will be depleted. Let's see how we can do again on our auctions which got us to this point.

See you all at the July SPACE birthday party.

Secretary's Report
by Mike Weist
For June, 2000

Space club president, Michael Current opened meeting at 8:05 PM. Michael asked for a secretary report.

Mike Weist, club secretary, recapped minutes printed in June 2000 Space newsletter. Michael then asked for a treasury report. Greg Leitner, Space club treasurer, was not present at meeting. A treasurer report was printed in June 2000 Space newsletter.

Michael then asked for a DOM report Glenn Kirschenmann, DOM chair, gave a report. Glenn stated that he had two DOMs for sale. One for May 2000 and one for June 2000. Glenn stated that the disks contained German programs on them. Glenn was not able to be at May Space meeting so a DOM for May was available at June 2000 Space meeting.

Michael asked for a Membership report. Glenn Kirschenmann, membership chair, gave a report. Glen stated that there are 12 paid-up members, 7 newsletter swaps, a newsletter sent to LR Data, and 4 members that need to renew their membership. They are Lance Ringquist, Mike Schmidt, Red Muchow, and the club secretary, Mike Weist.

Club bylaws were discussed tonight. Issues were brought up about proposed bylaws changes. Further discussion of bylaws will take place at July 2000 Space meeting.

Mike Weist, Space club member, reminded members of the Tailgate Swapfest at St. Paul TVI on June 17, 2000.

Michael Current, Space club president, reminded members about Space club 18th birthday party and auction at next Space meeting in July 2000.


Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM.

Mike Weist
Club secretary

Now For Some Email Forwarded to Me by the President:

Subj: Centipede cartoon?
From: mcurrent@carleton.edu (Michael Current)
To: kirschg@netzero.net, mschm65612@aol.com,

Hasbro's 3D Licensing, Promotions & Publishing Group Arrives At the Licensing Show 2000 With Some of the World's Hottest Properties

PAWTUCKET, R.I.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 12, 2000--Hasbro, Inc. (NYSE:HAS - news) will showcase its vast library of children's and family entertainment properties at Licensing 2000 International in New York City from June 13-15 (Booth 3049). With world-class brands such as ACTION MAN, TONKA, MONOPOLY, TRANSFORMERS and FURBY, Hasbro's 3D Licensing, Promotions & Publishing Worldwide offers a new ``dimension'' through aggressive licensing programs and consumer promotions.

``Hasbro's incredible content portfolio provides us with tremendous opportunities to build our presence around the world,'' said Jane Ritson-Parsons, Senior Vice President and Managing Director for 3D Licensing, Promotions & Publishing Worldwide. ``Our brands are enjoyed by people of all ages and through licensing, promotions and publishing, we can expand the entertainment value they offer into a variety of product categories.''

3D Licensing, Promotions & Publishing Worldwide is part of the Hasbro Properties Group, which was created in May, 1999 to maximize Hasbro's intellectual property library in a wide range of entertainment-based categories. The group manages the company's licensing, publishing and promotions activities globally and has an excellent track record, including the MONOPOLY Game at McDonald's(r), the restaurant chain's most successful adult-focused promotion; a licensing program for TONKA that has greatly increased the brand's presence at retail; and more than 180 licensees for ACTION MAN, which is making its debut in the U.S. this year.

Following is an overview of 3D Licensing, Promotions & Publishing Worldwide's programs that will be unveiled at Licensing 2000 International:


The ``greatest hero of them all'' - ACTION MAN - is on a very important mission in 2000 as Hasbro brings the #1 international boys property to the U.S. through a Saturday morning animated television series on Fox Kids Network, an adventure-packed toy line, licensed merchandise, and a multi-million dollar marketing campaign. ACTION MAN is already off to an awesome start in the U.S. - the series debuted on May 20 and scored number one in its time slot among boys 2-11 and boys 6-11!

Following a tremendously successful licensing program in Europe that includes more than 180 licensees and 1500 products, 3D Licensing, Promotions & Publishing Worldwide has launched its U.S. efforts. The group has signed on Unique Industries for paper goods, and Zak Designs for melamine tableware, and is aggressively pursuing licensees in other areas, including school supplies, apparel and accessories, sporting goods, bedding, publishing and consumer promotions.

ACTION MAN is a high-octane hero! At the recent Toy Fair, Hasbro introduced its U.S. ACTION MAN line of full size 12-inch action figures that feature hip, realistic mission gear that ACTION MAN employs for his larger than life, heart-pounding athletic adventures. This summer, Hasbro will distribute a direct-mail CD-ROM to two million boys aged four to 10. The cutting edge ACTION MAN CGI programming will then make its debut of weekly episodes on Fox Kids Network on Saturdays in Fall 2000. As the name says, action is what it's all about, and the adventurous missions never stop!


MONOPOLY is one of the industry's biggest success stories of the 20th century, with more than 80 licensees worldwide, and 3D Licensing, Promotions & Publishing Worldwide is focused on growing the brand's presence in key product categories. The MONOPOLY brand is a proven favorite in licensing and consumer promotions and boasts the most successful adult-focused promotion at McDonald's, now in its sixth year.

Giftware and collectibles has been an incredibly strong and growing category with more than 30 licensees. Department 56 is the newest licensee in this category and their MONOPOLY Brand City Lights(TM) collection was introduced in March. In addition, International Bullion has come on-board with a new collection of fashion watches for men, women and children, and USAopoly will grow their line of specialty edition games with seven new versions.

The MONOPOLY game has translated successfully into gaming machines and products through WMS Gaming, Mikohn and TeleCom Productions. WMS Gaming's MONOPOLY slot machine was named the most innovative new product in 1999 by Casino Journal, and TeleCom Productions has sold more than half a billion instant win lottery scratch tickets since their introduction in 1993.


Children love construction and trucks, and no one does them better than TONKA! For more than 50 years, TONKA has put children in the driver's seat of real ``roll up your sleeves'' construction play. 3D Licensing's program has greatly increased the TONKA brand's presence on retail shelves. With products and vehicles from companies such as Funrise, Maisto and Processed Plastics, in addition to Hasbro's core TONKA line, the brand's market share in the truck category has more than doubled. The group has added several new licensees to this category, including Planet Toy, Manly Toy Quest and Grand Toys. In addition, 3D Licensing, Promotions & Publishing Worldwide has brought even more ``TONKA Tough'' fun to fans of all ages through fun children's products, including apparel and accessories by Isaac Morris, memory-stirring adult collectibles such as Hallmark holiday ornaments, and porcelain boxes from Midwest of Cannon Falls.

Additional properties from Hasbro's rich portfolio that are ripe for licensed merchandise will be presented by 3D Licensing, Promotions & Publishing Worldwide, including:

FURBY continues to tickle the funny bones of millions of children around the world through Tiger Electronics' expanding product line and 130 licensees worldwide that offer fun, whimsical merchandise. More than 15 million FURBY toys were sold in the U.S. in 1999 and the brand is poised for continued success.

Few icons have put smiles on the faces of generations of children the way MR. POTATO HEAD has. From a simple children's toy, to a guest at the White House and a Hollywood movie star, MR. POTATO HEAD has embedded himself in popular culture since his debut nearly 50 years ago.

Hasbro's rich portfolio provides endless possibilities and 3D Licensing, Promotions & Publishing Worldwide has enabled the fun and excitement to continue beyond traditional toys and games for brands such as G.I. JOE, CANDY LAND, TWISTER and SCRABBLE. Among the list of licensed merchandise is miniature pewter soldiers, T-shirts and inflatable furniture.

The bugs are back! What began as an ATARI video game in the 1980s has ``spawned'' enhanced versions by Hasbro Interactive and a new CG animated series on the Cartoon Network in 2001. CENTIPEDE, the adventures of a young hero who finds himself in a world in which fear is controlled by the most monstrous bug ever, will join the Cartoon Network's ``Toonami'' weekday afternoon action-adventure programming block featuring the best in Japanese and CG animation.

TRANSFORMERS is one of the most popular action brands ever and continues to morph kids into a world of fantasy and adventure through Hasbro's BEAST MACHINES toy line and Fox Kids Network's Saturday morning animated series, which has been renewed for a second season.

A brand new fable inspired by PLAYSKOOL's all-time classic GLOWORM nighttime pal, GLOWORLD will introduce young children to the adventures of the loveable characters who live in a place we can only dream about.

Hasbro is a worldwide leader in children's and family leisure time entertainment products and services, including the design, manufacture and marketing of games and toys ranging from traditional to high-tech. Both internationally and in the U.S., its PLAYSKOOL, KENNER, TONKA, ODDZON, SUPER SOAKER, MILTON BRADLEY, PARKER BROTHERS, TIGER, HASBRO INTERACTIVE, MICROPROSE, GALOOB and WIZARDS OF THE COAST brands and products provide the highest quality and most recognizable play experiences in the world.

Hasbro product names and brands are trademarks of Hasbro, Inc. Beast Wars and Transformers are manufactured under license from Takara Co., Ltd.(c)2000 Hasbro, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Subj: New content at CTH - The BBS Era
From: mcurrent@carleton.edu (Michael Current)
To: kirschg@netzero.net, mschm65612@aol.com

From: Tom Hunt
Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2000 00:26:13 GMT

I am pleased to announce that there is a new feature added to the Closer To Home web site. It's a series of web pages that examines the BBS era from the perspectives of various Atari 8-bit sysops, user group leaders, and programmers. Have a look at-


I want to publicly thank those that responded to my requests for interviews. Your interviews are on the site. I would also like to encourage those who haven't responded yet to please do so. Your knowledge and insight is appreciated, so please take a few minutes from your busy schedule and share them with others.

Tom, AKA Codeman, sysop of Pro node 439.


Subj: disk drives article
Date: 00-06-30 18:45:21 EDT
From: mcurrent@carleton.edu (Michael Current)
To: mschm65612@aol.com, mcurrent@carleton.edu

From my 8-bit Atari FAQ list, newly compiled information.

Subject: 12.2) What floppy disk drives can I use with my Atari?

Major contributors to this section: Glenn M. Saunders, Tomasz M. Tatar, James 
Bradford, Konrad M. Kokoszkiewicz, Don Schoengarth, Andreas Magenheimer

SS = Single-Sided   SD = Single-Density, 90K/disk side
DS = Double-Sided   ED = Enhanced-Density, 128K/disk side
DD=Double-Density, 180K/disk side

Printer port = has a standard Centronics printer port, + maybe a print buffer

Master = includes drive controller, can add additional, non-Atari-specific drives

Top transfer rate=19.2Kbps unless stated otherwise

Atari 810                  SS SD
Atari 1050                 SS SD/ED
Atari XF551                DS SD/ED/DD, 38.4Kbps burst mode
Access Unlimited ATAR88-1  SS SD master
Access Unlimited ATAR40-1  SS SD/DD master
Amdek AMDC I               SS SD/DD uses flippy Amdisk III 3" disk/carts,
                           printer port,master
Amdek AMDC II              SS SD/DD dual drives, printer port, master
AS SN-360                  DS SD/ED/DD
Astra 1620                 SS SD/DD dual drives
Astra 2001                 SS SD/DD dual drives
Astra Big-D                DS SD/DD dual drives
Astra The One              DS SD/DD, printer port
B&C 810                    SS SD, optional Happy Warp Speed 52Kbps
Concorde C-221M            SS SD/DD master
Concorde C-222M            DS SD/DD master

CSS Floppy Board, for the Black Box, master, support PC 720K and 1.44MB 3.5"drives,
support PC 1.2MB and 360kB 5.25" drives, also read/write 5.25" and 3.5" MS-DOS disks

see: http://www.nleaudio.com/css/products/floppy.htm

HDI                        a PCB master
Indus GT                   SS SD/ED/DD, Synchromesh mode usable with SpartaDOS X and
                           DOS XL only. 72Kbps under SpartaDOS X, 37Kbps under DOS XL.
KARIN MAXI                 DS SD/ED/DD/QD
L.E. Systems LEDS5-01      SS SD/DD master, 134.4Kbps, 800 only CP/M expansion:
                           4MHz Z80, 64K RAM
L.E. Systems LEFDC-04      SS SD Four drives, copies a disk in 22 secs, 800 only
L.E. Systems LEFDC-08      SS SD Eight drives, copies a disk in 22 secs, 800 only
LDW Super 2000             SS SD/DD, 19.2Kbps or 67Kbps
LDW CA2001                 SS SD/DD, 19.2Kbps or 38.4Kbps "California Access"
LDW CA2002                 DS SD/ED/DD,19.2Kbps,70Kbps w/SpartaDOS. "Calif. Access"
Micro MainFrame MF-1681    SS SD/DD, printer port, 4K to 54K printer buffer, hard disk
                           firmware included, master, Z-80 CPU w/ 16K to 64K RAM for CP/M,
                           TRSDOS, MaxiDOS A, and OASIS.
Percom RFD40-S1            SS SD/DD, master
Percom RFD40-S2            SS SD/DD dual drives, master
Percom RFD44-S1            DS SD/DD, master
Percom RFD44-S2            DS SD/DD dual drives, master 80-track RFDs hinted at
Percom AT88                SS SD, master
Percom AT88-S1 PD          SS SD/DD, printer port, master
Percom AT88-S2 PD          SS SD/DD dual drives, printer port, master
Rana 1000                  SS SD/ED/DD, stand alone disk formatting
RCP 810                    SS SD
San Jose Computer SE 810   SS SD, optional Happy Warp Speed 52Kbps
SWP ATR8000                4MHz Z80, 16K RAM, RS232, master, printer port or 4MHz Z80,
                           64K RAM, RS232, master, printer port, CP/M 2.2
                           options:  128K or 256K CO-POWER-88 with MS - DOS; CP/M-86
TOMS 720                   DS SD/ED/ID/DD/QD/ID printer port, MYDOS 4.50 on ROM, 70Kbps
                         - SS/SD - 40 tracks, 18 sects, 128 bytes = 90 KB
                         - SS/ED - 40 tracks, 26 sects, 128 bytes = 130 KB
                         - SS/ED - 40 tracks, 18 sects, 256 bytes = 180 KB
                         - SS/ID - IBM S-9 - 40 tracks, 9 sects, 512 bytes = 180 KB
                         - DS/DD - 40 tracks, 18 sects, 256 bytes = 360 KB
                         - DS/QD - 80 tracks, 18 sects, 256 bytes = 720 KB
                         - DS/ID - IBM D-9 - 40 tracks, 9 sects, 512 bytes = 360 KB
TOMS 710                   DS SD/ED/ID/DD/QD/ID printer port, MYDOS 4.50 on ROM, 67Kbps
                           one more format: double sided, 80 tracks, IBM (720 KB)
                           also TOMS Navigator on ROM (like Norton Commander).
Trak AT-D1                 SS SD, printer port, master
Trak AT-D2                 SS SD/DD, printer port, master
Trak AT-D4                 DS SD/DD, printer port, print buffer
Trak Champ                 SS SD master
Trak Champ2                SS SD/DD master
Trak AT-1                  SS SD/DD master
Trak AT-S1                 SS SD/DD slave
XFD-601B                   DS SD/ED/DD 70kbps, Top Drive, Synchromesh, UltraSpeed,
                           XF551 compat.
XFD-602B dual              DS SD/ED/DD 70kbps, Top Drive, Synchromesh, UltraSpeed,
                           XF551 compat.

While any standard "slave" drive will work with "master" drives listed above, the following
 are slave drives marketed specifically to Atari users:

Access Unlimited ATAR88-A1 SS SD slave
Access Unlimited ATAR40-A1 SS SD/DD slave
Concorde C-221S            SS SD/DD slave
Concorde C-222S            DS SD/DD slave
Percom RFD40-A1            SS SD/DD slave
Percom AT88-A1             SS SD/DD slave
RCP 100                    DS SD/DD, slave
RCP 200                    DS SD/DD dual drives, slave


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